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2 Tier Affiliate Programs - Drop Ship Programs

Below is just a sample of the Two Tier Affiliate Programs we offer. Please use the directory categories on the left to see which ones also offer Two Tiers.

Net2Fitness Fitness Equipment

Earn up to 10% Commission and 5% from Sub-Affiliates– Earn serious CASH on net sales generated from your site. Let do the work, like fulfilling orders and handling customer inquiries. You just concentrate on growing your Web site and earning commissions!

Fitness Affiliate Program - Click Here!

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Earn $1 Per Sign Up & 5% from Sub-Affiliates

This merchant is giving $150 for each merchant signed up through your links.

This merchant is also giving 1.00 for each qualified affiliate that signs up through your links plus 5% of future earnings.

Tracking Cookie lasts for 60 Days after the initial click thru.

Join Today Click Here To Join - It's Free, Earn Cash!

A wide selection of web templates, flash templates and other products and ready-made web designs, that can be used as a basis for fast and high-quality website. Offer a wide selection of web templates, flash templates and other products and ready-made web designs, that can be used as a basis for fast and high-quality website. Our website templates, flash templates and all other products are completely customizable and ready for immediate download. We provide your customers with web template design of premium quality.
You will receive 20% of all purchases throughout your website lifetime.

Sale Commission: 20% from anyone you refer
Two Tier Program: 25%

You make 25% of any commission that your subaffiliate makes. So, if your subaffiliate made a $50 sale, he gets a $10 commission, and you get 25% of that $10.

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DirectLeads Affiliate Directory

Become a DirectLeads Super Affiliate and make 10.00% commissions on every approved Affiliate you refer! That means if an Affiliate earns $5,000 in commissions for a particular month, you'll get $500!

They offer hundreds of of High Quality and Exclusive affiliate campaigns with the highest payouts waiting you send you money. Tracking is State-Of-The-Art and in real time. View your sub-affiliates and more!

Sale Commission: 10% from anyone you refer
Two Tier Program: Yes

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Adult Entertainment

A unique pay per view and video theaters with thousands of full length videos. Get paid 20% commission for every sale and 5% from all sub-affiliates. Sign Up Free!

You will get 5% of net revenue that your "affiliates" generate from user purchases. This will be based on the 20% payout commission. So if you recruit an affiliate and their members spend $1000 in a given month this affiliate would be paid 20% percent of sales ($200) while you would be paid 5% of sales ($50). And that can be every month.

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Adult Toys & Videos

This partner offers a 20% for first-time customers, and is the only program that rewards webmasters with a bonus 5% for repeat customers raising your take to a whopping 25% plus a 5% residual from sub affiliates! Click Here To Join

Commissions on affiliate referrals (sub-affiliates):

  • A $5 reward for every new customer an affiliate refers to the program
  • 5% of the new affiliate’s commissions as residual income
  • Lifetime commissions on all sales

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Two Tier Programs
Make residual income from others you refer into the affiliate program or join under you.
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A directory of recommended affiliate programs that we feel will help you make more on the web. 
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Making Money
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Earn Commission For Life - clixGalore Affiliate Referrals !!

clixGalores Merchant & Affiliate Referral Commission Program

Join our program and you will earn:

$99.5 for each 'Corporate Platinum' Merchant you refer.
$50 for each 'Enterprise Gold' Merchant you refer
$37.5 for each 'Business Silver' Merchant you refer
$7.5 for each 'Bronze' Merchant you refer.
$4.5 for each 'Instant Traffic Pool' Merchant you refer.

Earn Commissions for Life!!

So sit back and watch your commissions grow!!


Sale Commission: 10% commission
Tracking Cookie lasts for 90 Days
Two Tier Program: Yes

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Veracity Credit Consulting

Veracity is an established credit repair and optimization firm. Clients are provided with unmatched consultative services, and our satisfaction rating is unparalleled in the industry. They help thousands of clients per month by fixing their damaged credit - with that kind of volume, BBB membership, a full refund policy, and dedicated affiliate marketing staff to help maximize your revenue potential, you can't go wrong with Veracity!

Try us today, and you'll enjoy $30 per sale with excellent conversion rates.

Sale Commission: $30.00 Per Sale
Tracking Cookie Never Expires
Two Tier Program: Yes

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ReferBack Casino Affiliate Program
Casino Affiliate Program Do you want to earn commission as a Casino, Bingo or Poker Affiliate? Then you've come to the right place!  ReferBack is the leader in the Casino Affiliate Program industry. They provide partners with a hassle-free way of generating income. High commission structures make ReferBack a particularly attractive Affiliate option!

Earn up to 120% Commission in the first 3 Months
50% - Month 1
40% - Month 2
30% - Month 3

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Herbal Enhancement Formula

Grow revenue while adding merit to any health & wellness or other well-aligned website, just by promoting the quality, all-natural herbal supplements!

WEBMASTERS: Promote proven herbal enhancement formulas online to EARN 30% COMMISSION on every sale plus incredible signup & performance bonuses that really help round out your paycheck! Join the Everest Nutrition Affiliate Experience today!

# 30% commission
# Recruit other affiliates for 5% on each of their sales
# Monthly Performance Bonuses
# Average sale = $119

Sale Commission: 30% commission
Tracking Cookie Never Expires
Two Tier Program: Yes

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